Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine's Window

Not every shop window is a winner, but we really enjoyed this one! V-e-r-y simple graphic heart of random red objects glued on a canvas.

Scrubbies, measuring spoons, comb, feather, caps, silk butterfly, Hot Wheels car...

...paint brushes, tassel, toilet bowl cleaner, photos, gum, foam stamp...

...candy hearts, Chinese money envelope, buttons, matchbox, cherry gelatin, car air freshener, Claudia's old business card!

OK, we did buy a few items, but most of them were random things squirreled away in junk drawers and bins. And hey, we did eat the Skittles, but I couldn't get any takers for the cherry gelatin so that's still in the box.

Rummage in your own junk drawers and maybe you have the makings for a found object Valentine's card for your sweetie to put with your flowers from Sprout!
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