Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taco Bell Wedding

I know when you heard a couple in Illinois got married recently in a Taco Bell, your first thoughts were just like mine - what did the bride have for her bouquet?!

I tracked down some photos and found the one above (The Pantagraph/B Mosher) which definitely shows some kind of flowers in the lower right. Appears to be your classic rose with leather leaf fern and babies breath.

The happy couple spent about $200 for their wedding and had several dozen guests and a $15 wedding gown. What can the rest of the soon-to-be-wedded learn from this happy couple?
  1. Even on a bare bones budget, flowers are still an important part of a wedding.
  2. Limiting your guest list and getting creative with your venue can save you lots of money. You don't have to get "Taco Bell" creative to save some cash, there are other options. Consider a restaurant that is usually closed on Sunday or Saturday afternoons. They can be a chic alternative. A library, your alma mater, or a church hall can often be bargains as well.
  3. When the average cost of a wedding is over $28,000, it makes sense to take a reality check of your bank account and decide what really matters to you. I'm betting this couple didn't get into debt pulling their wedding off. While I hope to sell you lots of gorgeous flowers for your special day, it makes no sense to cash in your 401K to make it happen. (I know at least one of my brides did exactly that.)
Things to ponder as you plan your nuptials!

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