Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flora in Winter at the Worcester Art Museum

Just a little reminder that Flora in Winter is coming up next week at the Worcester Art Museum. With the winter we've had so far, I'm sure we could all use a little reminder of what waits for us in the spring. Ha!

For those who've never been to Flora before, it's a wonderful opportunity to explore some artworks which you maybe have only given a cursory glance to, while also appreciating a floral artist's interpretation of the work. A really special place where art and flowers collide!

This photo is of my interpretation of "Standing Bodhisattva" from Flora 2008. I'm still pleased with how this turned out, one of my favorites. I had planned to do this at least two other different ways, but at 7:30 the night before I had one of light bulb moments where - aha! - I know just what to do!

The base is formed on a large piece of bamboo which I covered with strips cut from green and brown ti leaves, suggestive of the wood grain in the statue. Gold wire rings hint at the folds of fabric, and brown mini cymbidium orchids on top for the final flourish. My favorite bit is how the bamboo base has a slight bend in it which I used to subtly echo the statue's stance. I'm probably the only one who noticed it, but it makes me really happy!

This year at Flora, in addition to doing a piece with an artwork (no hints! you'll have to wait and be surprised!), and putting flowers in the restrooms, and decorating the mantle in the Great Hall at Tower Hill, I'll also be giving a demonstration at the museum, Sat. Feb. 7, on green design. I hope to cover everything from recycling to eco-chic to the color green. Sign up! The price even includes lunch - such a deal!

Hope to see you there!

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