Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corporate Event - Hanover Theatre

Did a very spring-like business event today at the Hanover Theatre. The client chose this turquoise crush linen and asked us to do something that would go with it that was springy. You say spring to a florist and the first thing that comes to mind is - " What's in for flowering branches?!"

I landed these tall flowering quince branches which made me quite happy! Picked them up last week to make sure they would be open in time for the party. The earlier in the season, the longer it takes to force flowering branches open. It can be quite the trick getting all your flowers to open just right for a party.

We used fresh, light tones of white, cream, pale and brighter yellows, hints of pink, and of course spring green. The flowers were hydrangeas, French tulips, cymbidium orchids, daffodils and narcissus, oncidium, bells of Ireland, viburnum, garden rose, peonies, lysimachia, and of course the quince.

The Hanover Theatre is a gorgeous space which was renovated almost a year ago. There is a modern lobby (shown in the first two pics) and historic spaces upstairs and down (next two photos). It can be challenging to make the two spaces flow as they are so different, but I think color and lighting were used here to good effect, making the various spaces feel harmonious.

I heard Struck Catering had a mashed potato bar on the menu! Oh, to be a guest at a party with a mashed potato bar...mmmm....I'm sure there were many contented sighs heard at the Hanover tonight!
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