Saturday, January 3, 2009

Book Review - Flower Confidential

I finally, finally read Flower Confidential recently! It's been in my pile a lo-o-ong time (witness how the cover has a funny fade mark).

It was a fun book, quick read. No huge flower industry revelations to those of us who regularly follow the trade publications, but I'm sure a lot of it would be new to folks who have a casual interest in flowers.

The opening chapter told the story of the 'Stargazer' lily which I found to be fascinating. I've been in flowers long enough that when I started the 'Stargazer' was still relatively new and "hot", although plenty of florists still referred to them as rubrum lilies, an older similar variety whose flowers face down. 'Stargazers' face up - gazing at the stars as it were. This was the first I had ever heard of the flower's origin and it's a great tale.

The author, Amy Stewart, covers a good deal of ground - from engineering blue roses, the Aalsmeer Holland flower market, patents, shipping, why flowers cost more at Valentine's Day, chemical use, farm worker issues...a good all around picture of the flower industry, emphasis on industry.

Check out Amy Stewart's blog, mostly about gardening and painting, and web site.
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