Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big 5-0! Birthday Party at Worcester Art Museum

What's black, and white, and red all over? This 50th birthday party we did at the Worcester Art Museum!

I know the color scheme for the party was not planned around the new art work on "The Wall" because it was supposed to be in the museum cafe, but it sure looks as if it was planned that way! The cafe is getting a face lift, necessitating the last minute move of the party to the Renaissance Court.

The centerpieces were made in two parts in order to conceal a stand which would be holding a poster on a pole.

The cake, by Penny Eagleton, was done in a design the reversed the colors of the linens. Mmmmm, chocolate buttercream!

Each table had a poster from a different time if the guest of honor's life. What a fun and dramatic way to personalize a party! A lot of care went into making this a memorable event. So glad our flowers were a part of it. :-)

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