Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

After witnessing two people leaving the grocery store with naked flowers last night, and having one of my own customers ask yesterday, "Can I leave the flowers in my car trunk for three hours?", I think we should have a chat about your flowers and the cold!

It's cold here in Worcester, really cold. Not sub-arctic cold, but well below freezing. (That's my thermometer above, which is between the window and the storm window! Not even outside!) Flowers and plants are mostly water, and guess what? They will freeze! In fact, if you think of flower petals as thin layers of water soaked tissue paper, you may get some idea of how quickly they can freeze and be permanently damaged.

Now I know you see big refrigerators in most flower shops, where most flower shops store most of their flowers. But these coolers are carefully regulated to the precise temperatures which promote longevity without killing the flowers. Definitely above freezing!

You'll also note, that not every flower goes into the cooler. Some flowers cannot tolerate temperatures below 50 degrees F, mostly your tropical flowers and foliages like ginger and birds of paradise.

So where ever you get your flowers, make sure they're completely wrapped before you bring them outside into freezing temperatures. As for the guy who wanted to put them in his trunk, frankly he can put his flowers any place he wants - but he shouldn't be shocked if it kills them!
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Claudia Snell said...

Great information Sprout. Love the thermometer!

Sprout said...

Hope hte info helps someone out there!

I love my thermometer too! But the suction cup stopped sticking, or it would be on the exterior of the window so it would be more accurate...although, maybe I don't really want to know how cold it is out!


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