Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wedding Consultations

Sprout is currently booking appointments for wedding consultations in the months of January and February. We find ourselves too busy from Thanksgiving to New Years to be able to accommodate consultations.

If you are worried about "losing your date", we will, of course, accept a deposit to hold your wedding date for you.

A couple thoughts on wedding consultations...

There are two critical pieces of information your florist needs to in order to have a productive wedding consultation.

Color Scheme:
It seems obvious, but it's nearly impossible to talk about any specifics regarding flowers without a color scheme. This usually means the bridesmaids dresses need to have been purchased since that is where the color theme starts most of the time.

Any conversations about flowers that are had without a color scheme chosen, usually turn out to be rather vague and not very helpful to the bride or the florist.

A suggestion - get those maids dresses and then pick up some paint chips at the hardware store and play around with them against your fabric swatch. A simple way to see what your color options are! I can find numerous color combinations in flowers for every dress, so this helps to narrow it down before your meeting.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have some idea of your flower budget before you meet with your florist. It wastes your time and the florist's if you come in without a budget. Why spend time talking about your fantasy of a room full of tall centerpieces if your budget can't accommodate that?

I know you're saying right now, you've never planned a wedding before, how are you supposed to know what it costs? There are plenty of places to look on line for average wedding costs, although average varies regionally with the Northeast being more expensive than other parts of the country.

Any florist you're interested in should be willing to share, even if only verbally over the phone, what some of their average prices are for a wedding. Even price ranges for certain items can be helpful for your planning. (Look for a future post on Sprout's wedding prices! But we can mail you something right now with our prices if you call.)

Try this to figure out what your flower budget is: Take a random dollar figure for your centerpieces, say the amount of money you would spend on flowers to really impress someone who did you a huge favor. $50? $100? $200? Multiply it by the number of centerpieces. Now double that amount to allow for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and church flowers. Does that total freak you out?! No, then you have your budget, yes, then you need to rework the numbers till you don't freak out!

Hope this helps those who are in the planning stages!

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