Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sprout Takes a Holiday!

Sprout is on vacation until January 6, 2009. Hope to get some much needed paperwork done (I always say that, but it always needs doing!) and some cleaning around the shop, so you might see me poking around in there. There are some things that just never get done when the shop is open.

I also hope to make some additional blog posts and do some planning for the new year. We have Flora in Winter coming up in 6 weeks and we need to come up with something really clever for this year's bathroom displays. I also need to work on my plan for my Flora demonstration. My subject is "Turning Over a New Leaf - thoughts on green floral design". I hope people are signing up for this over at the Worcester Art Museum. My sensitive artist's ego would like a sell out crowd! The museum is even giving you a boxed lunch with the demo people - such a deal!

That's all my ramblings for now...

Happy holidays to all and see you in 2009!
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