Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fresh From the Market

Went heavy on the holiday red and white this week...look at those monster red heliconia! You could hurt someone with one of those. ;-)

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

...and a red one too!

This week from the flower market we have:

red roses 'Forever young' and 'Black Magic'
red ginger
gerbera - yes, red!
'Ivanhoe' grevillea
hydrangea - white
red hypericum
green hypericum
ornithagalum chincherinchee - 'Star of Bethlehem'
purple kale - Holland
gold sparkle leucodendron - Holland
white and purple campanula - Holland
stock - white and purple, California
light green spider mums
white veronica - Holland
white peony
delphinium - dark and light blues, California
silver tinted eucalyptus - France
hydrangea - lavender, shocking blue
tiger tail orchids
mokara orchids
aranthera orchids
gold painted birch - France
tulip - Xmas colors
baby green hydrangea
'Athos' poms
'Vendela' rose - creamy white
dendrobium orchids - white and purple
amaryllis - red and two toned red and white
white callas
ornithagalum arabicum
'Jade' trachellium
bells of Ireland
lisianthus - pink
hybrid lily - white and pink
white freesia
white delistar mums
cremons - white
Port Orford cedar
Carolina sapphire juniper
magnolia foliage
rainbow asters - cherry and purple
kangaroo paw - yellow
red mokara orchids
phlox - white
pink roses
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