Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flowers at Home - Oh Christmas Tree!

Francoise said I should blog about my Christmas tree, since what I did this year to set it up is a little different.

I've had this vision for a couple Christmases that I would like to do the tree in a tall pot, instead of the usual tree stand. This year, we had a pot in the shop that seemed like it would work, so I gave it a go.

The kid at the tree farm was more than agreeable when I told him I wanted about 3 feet of naked trunk at the bottom, didn't even question me, unlike Husband who was rolling his eyes a lot at the whole concept, but knows to indulge me when I get something in my head!

Husband was also less than thrilled with lugging 100 lbs. of rocks from the garden center up to our third floor apartment. Can't say I blame him, but how else was I going to anchor the tree in the pot? I thought about using soil or sand, but rocks seemed heavier and less shifting.

I'll tell you, the idea of scooping rocks into the pot around the trunk and later out of the pot when the holidays are over was less than thrilling as well. So we brainstormed that we needed some kind of water permeable bag or sack to put them in. Something cheap. That we could toss out after. Thought of tube socks so we hightailed it to the dollar store to look for cheap socks. We found a better solution there - nylon mesh tote bags in the laundry section of the store.

So we transferred the rocks to 8 nylon mesh bags and dropped those in around the tree trunk. Seems pretty stable. BUT, after having a tree crash on me last year, I still anchored the tree with wire to a cup hook in a stud. I am NOT chancing that again!

I should mention that fewer branches below leaves more room for gifts, plus no more crawling on my belly to water the thing!

Now, how do we remove the tree without getting rocks and water all over since it nearly hits the ceiling?!

More to follow, after the holidays...!

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