Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fresh from the Market

Bright red ilex winterberries are in! These look fabulous in fall bouquets as well as for Christmas decorating, indoors and out. They're around in November till they get frozen and icy or the birds eat them, whichever comes first!

We also have some nice looking red twig dogwood. Looks really terrific in outdoor planters filled with evergreens; gives you some color contrast against the greys and whites of winter.

In addition, we also have this week:

Port Orford cedar
purple dendrobium orchids
oncidium orchids
kale in white and purple
hybrid pink lily
'Yelloween' lily
safflower - looks kind of like an orange thistle
'Jade' trachellium
rose 'Indian Sunset'
cremons and large mums in fall colors
spring asters
Carolina sapphire juniper
burgundy amaranthus
aster novi belgii
campanula - purple
gerbera - orange and a pink, Canada
magnolia foliage
ginger - red and pink this week
bird of paradise
fall poms
red hypericum berries
rust kangaroo paws
liatris - Peru
broom corn
millet - California
green wheat - California
papyrus - France
pernettya berry - looks like cranberries on the branch
aranda orchids
calla 'Red Sox' - New Zealand
pincushion protea - orange
ornithagalum arabicum
dracena stalks
lisianthus - purple white two tone
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