Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fresh from the Market

Red 'Spiderman' grevillea this week! Fun foliage and flowers from Australia!

I also picked up some orange kangaroo paws - notice how the closed blossoms resemble their namesake. :-)

In addition, we also have:

cherry red asters
oncidium orchids
dendrobium orchids - purple
kale - purple and white
purple snapdragon
bronze and butterscotch mums
'Athos' poms
orange freesia - fresh and fuity!
aranda orchids - orange
mokara orchids - burgundy
bells of ireland
cymbidium orchids - brown, really good price this week!
volkerfrieden delphinium
purple hybrid delphinium
'High and Magic' rose - orange yellow two tone
red ginger
birds of paradise
'Jester' leucodendron
another nameless type of leucodendron - yellow and branchy
yellow pincushion protea
hypericum berries
white hydrangea
blue hydrangea
antique burgundy/green hydrangea
fall poms
plum mini callas

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