Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh from the Market

We have the Cirque du Noir fundraiser for the Worcester County Food Bank this weekend, and I got a little excited and bought every variation on black flowers in the market that I could find!

The various tones and shades of "black" in flowers are so interesting - from deep eggplant-y colors seen in these black mini callas and dendrobium orchids... the burgundy tones as in the cotinus foliage here. Don't you just love our black ostrich plumes?! OK, not a flower, but fun to work with just the same.

I also couldn't resist these black peppers called "Orna-mental"!

We have a couple orders for floral accouterments to go with clients' Cirque du Noir costumes. Can't wait to show you all how those come out! And we're happy to accessorize anyone else who plans on going to the shindig. :-)

We do have flowers in other colors besides black!
In addition, we also have this week:

'Charlotte' roses - classic red
'Gorgeous purple' dendrobium orchids
oncidium orchids
bells of Ireland
white mini callas
'Mango' mini callas
snapdragon - local
cymbidium orchids - burgundy tomes
blue iris
purple waxflower
amaranthus - amber color
hybrid delphinium
white and blue hydrangea
red ginger
'Black Beauty' roses - beep velvety burgundy black color
eryngium - black, Dutch
bird of paradise
'Athos' poms
'Yelloween' lily - California
hanging amaranthus - burgundy, California
ruby silk grass
kale- purple and white w/purple center, California
baby green hydrangea
kochia - Israel
local hydrangea - fall tones
ligustrum berries - black, Holland
Coral godetia - California
'Pink mink' protea - California
berzelia galpinii - Africa
yarrow - California
hypericum 'Funky caramel'
freesia 'Orange priscilla' - Holland - smells fab!
salvia - novelty, leaves have black undersides, Holland
pained eucalyptus - orange and purple
silver brunia
orange pincushion protea
chocolate oncidium
monstera leaves - 2 sizes
croton leaf tips
gerbera - raspberry and yellow-orange, Canada
safflower - looks like an orange thistle
velvet sage
Chinese lanterns
kangaroo paws - rust
bronze football mums
'Jade' trachellium
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