Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding - Tower Hill Botanic Garden

This week we had a wedding at Tower Hill Botanic Garden which featured lots of herbs, but with a more casual gardeny look as compared to the wedding we did last week.

The bride's bouquet was a delicate combination of dainty white and blue flowers - ranunculus, freesia, veronica, lysimachia, lavender, bay leaves, tweedia (the pretty star shaped light blue flower), candy tuft, rosemary, variegated geranium leaves, and sweet pea.

Close up of the bark covered wire we used to wrap the stems of the bride's bouquet - a rustic touch!

The maid of honor had a similar bouquet to the bride's, but with blueberry colored ribbon on the stems, and next to that is the mother of the bride's nosegay. More and more mothers are opting for something small they can hold in their hands as opposed to the more traditional corsage. A lot of dresses really don't lend themselves to a pin on corsage - either the fabric is too delicate to bear the weight of flowers or the cut of the dress doesn't lend itself to flowers.

The aisle was lined with herbal clusters of rosemary and bay leaves tied with blueberry satin bows.

Heirloom pumpkins, herbs, and ivy plants adorn the massive stone mantle in Tower Hill's Great Hall.

Each table had a different herb plant, an arrangement of herbs and flowers, miniature pumpkins, vines, and ivy.

The guest's placecards were also herb plants. They needed to match the plant with their name on it to a table with a corresponding plant. The bride and groom were very specific in their desire to have all the plants in recycled pots which were a bit crusty and dirty.

Empty terra cotta saucers await the placecard plants. This was definitely one of our earthier weddings!

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