Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wachusett Mountain Wedding

Our bride carried a simple bouquet of orange dahlias and white mini callas. We were incredibly lucky that last week's frost warning didn't pan out and we were still able to get fabulous dahlias!

A touch of brocade ribbon with a fall leaf design wraps the stems of all the bouquets.

The maids were in burnt orange/rust colored dresses which had a chocolate accent. While the colors were the same, all the dress styles were different, so we created a different bouquet for each - 'Friendship' roses, leucodendron, gaillardia, mokara orchids, and 'Mango' mini callas. Brown hypericum berries unify the look.

Groom's boutonniere in white mini calla and best man with 'Mango' mini calla.

Wedding cake with gum paste fall leaves and mini calla blossoms by Betty Casey at On the Rise Baking.

Centerpieces were simple fall affairs, each featuring a different main blossom. Our fave, of course, were the ones with dahlias!

Bride and groom did these neat pumpkin placecards!

I can't take much credit for this display, as it was a very last minute addition to the event due to the ceremony being moved to a tent because of the wet weather, but I thought I'd share it with you. We had hoped a few blossoms and the mountain backdrop would be all the decorations the ceremony needed, but the in laws quickly added the mum plants and corn stalks to help distract from the ski lift in the back.

We hope our flowers were a bright spot in the wet and gloom that enshrouded Mt. Wachusett this weekend. It may rain, but the wedding must go on!

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