Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fresh from the Market

Sedum is finally showing color this week. Until now, it's been rather green. It's a nice warm shade of pink that complements the fall colors that are starting to come in.

Really liking the sedum with this 'Jester' leucodendron!

I also just had to pick up a few of these banksia. They kind of remind me of giant fuzzy acorns and the foliage is just as cool as the flowers. Banksia are in the protea family and are named after the botanist Joseph Banks who was with James Cook on his first expedition to Australia. Blossoms are 7-10" long!

In addition, we also have this week:

dahlias - 3 colors
dendrobium orchids
large sunflowers in the "classic" yellow with brown centers and with yellow centers - from New Jersey
'Orange Unique' roses
coxcomb - hot pink and red
spray roses - orange and 2 toned pink
spring asters
red ginger
light green spider mums
'Athos' poms
godetia - 3 colors
matsumoto asters in cherry red
yellow kangaroo paws
kale - purple and white, Dutch
bouvardia - purplish pink
broom corn
campanula - pink and purple
cymbidium orchids - brown and lime green
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