Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flowers at Home

So I know most folks think, "You're a florist, you must have flowers and plants all over the place!"

Truth is, most of us don't bother with flowers at home. Not that we don't love, them we do! But it feels a bit like work to arrange flowers at home. And you just can't let yourself throw stems on the floor the way you do at work!

My last employer before opening Sprout, used to write up orders for us to fill when she wanted flowers at home - "Flowers for Bev's dining room table", "Flowers for Bev's kitchen counter".

So last weekend I had an abundance of flowers at home, which you can see in these photos. Was it a holiday? Was I entertaining? No and no. Did I close up shop to take time off and not want to toss all the leftover flowers in the trash? Yes!

We've also made a tradition of sending flowers to the hospice my mom was in two years ago when we go on vacation. Can't think of a place that could use flowers more...
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