Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fresh from the Market

The cool flowers of the week are these very unusual bromeliad blossoms. Bromeliads are closely related to pineapple plants. You may be familiar with the tropical plants with the strap-like leaves where you “water in the cup” in the center of the rosette of leaves.

These flowers come from related plants. While not inexpensive, they should easily last two weeks, giving a good value for the dollar. I’ve even had them just dry out and last even longer as a dried flower. The blue one with the pink stem we thought was especially cool – you don’t see much in the way of blue tropical flowers!

Among the other flowers we got this week in addition to the bromeliads:
red ginger
yellow oncidium orchids
Chinese forget-me-nots
the last peonies of the season – sigh, we love peonies!
“Shamrock” mums
hypericum berries
zebra grass
emu fern
“Shocking” lilies
dendrobium orchids
birds of paradise
globe thistles
kangaroo paw
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